Scrimba’s Teacher Talent Program

Scrimba’s Teacher Talent Program

This world needs more online coding teachers. So this program aims to help aspiring coding instructors kick-start their career. If accepted, you will get a 1000 USD grant plus personal guidance from a Scrimba teacher.

How does it work?

To apply for this program, fill out this application form. In order to complete the form, you will need to solve Scrimba’s Take Home Assignment For Potential Teachers, which guides you to create a short Scrimba challenge (the length of the scrim should not exceed 5 minutes).

If you are accepted into the program, we will give you a grant (1000 USD) so that you can carve out time to create scrim-based coding tutorials. You can publish your material where you like, and the subject of the tutorial(s) is completely up to you.

We expect you to produce at least one coding tutorial during the program, which will last for up to a month. The teachers at Scrimba will help you with feedback and advice along the way.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

Anyone can apply for this scholarship. However, you must speak fluent English, and you must have access to a computer that you can record your tutorials on. For the first batch, we will accept ten applicants.

If you impress us during the Teacher Talent program, it is likely that we will offer you a job as a coding teacher at Scrimba after the program has ended.

Underrepresented groups

We want this program to improve the diversity and gender balance in the online code-learning market. So we’ll be super excited to get applications from underrepresented groups. Five of the ten slots will be reserved for women.

Cover Image Credit: Jenny Ueberberg